Making Cakes

Popular Cakes To Make

There is a plethora of different types of cake that are worth making. Some are fairly easy, whereas others require a high level of culinary skill. Over the years several cakes have emerged as being particularly popular. The main reasons for their appeal is the fact that they are easy to make and taste delicious.


This sweet dessert usually consists of one to two layers. The thickest layer is made from a soft cheese mixed with eggs and sugar. The base layer tends to be crumby. Cheesecakes are so appealing to chefs because they can be flavoured in numerous different ways. Some of the most common examples include vanilla, chocolate or fruit. Depending on the recipe this cake can either be baked or unbaked. Once it has been complete it is typically left in the refrigerator to cool.


As the name suggests cupcakes are small enough to fit inside a small paper or metal cup. The recipe is similar to that of larger cakes. This includes mixing sugar, eggs and butter, as well as decorating with an external layer of frosting. Cupcakes are sold in high volume throughout the world due to their convenient size. They allow a person to enjoy the taste of a cake without having to consume a big slice.

Sponge Cake

These are distinctively light and have been a staple cake for centuries. Beaten eggs are used as a rising agent during the cooking process. In recent years baking powder has been utilised to give sponge cakes a texture that is very agreeable on the palate. The article for sponge cakes on Wikipedia explains the key ingredients, recipes and variants. This will be useful for anyone who wants to try making one themselves.

Chocolate Cake

Melted chocolate and/or cocoa powder can be the basis for a particularly tasty cake. There are plenty of varieties of chocolate cake worth trying out. Standard layered ones have become a staple of birthday parties. The versatility of chocolate cakes makes them ideal for people who want to experiment. They could mix the base flavour with fruits or confectionary. Chocolate fudge cake is the result of this kind of experimentation.

Red Velvet Cake

Often the look of the cake is just as important as the taste. This is why red velvet cakes have proven to be so popular. They already look delicious before the person has even taken a bite. These cakes contain chocolate layers with a red or red-brown colouring. Traditionally food dye is not used. Instead beetroot provided the red hue. The original recipe comes from America during the early part of the 20th century. Over the decades red velvet cakes have spread globally.

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