Making Cakes

Cake Kitchen Equipment

There are certain items that all cake kitchens will need. Each one will have its own specific purpose. It is important to acquire these before starting a new cake making project. Otherwise the chef may run into issues halfway through.

Baking Tin

This will be used to store the cake mix in during cooking. It will also give the cake its shape while it sets. Most baking tins are circular. However, it is possible to get novelty ones.

Mixing Bowl

In order for a cake to be made effectively the ingredients need to be mixed well. They should be placed one by one in a mixing bowl and stirred together.

Sites such as BBC have plenty of recipes that require good mixing. Bowls can be made from metal, plastic or wood.

Spoons And Spatulas

Throughout the cake making process spoons and spatulas will be utilised. Depending on the recipe they will have several purposes. This could include mixing, spreading and separating.

Icing Bag And Nozzle

Once the cake has cooled down it is time to add the finishing touches. If the cake needs to be iced then a bag with a nozzle should be used. This will give the icing an even spread.

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