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Wedding Cakes

During a wedding it is very common for a special cake to be presented as part of the ceremony. For many people this is a very significant part of their special day. Modern wedding cakes tend to be tiered with miniature decorative toppers of the bride and groom.

The size of a wedding cake can vary depending on the budget and size of the event. They can be made from a variety of ingredients. Some of the most common choices are marzipan, chocolate, butter cream, fondant and gum paste. Regardless of the base ingredients the exterior is almost always a shade of white. Wedding cakes have become a key symbol of modern society. Publications such as the Independent will regularly use stock images of these desserts to signify new marriages.

These cakes are not always made to be served to the guests. Instead they may simply be centrepieces. When this is the case they are often made of inedible material. Alternatively, there may be one real layer for the bride and groom to share. The other layers are fake. However, this is not as common because it is less cost effective.

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