Making Cakes

Cake Kitchen Cleanliness

Whilst cooking cakes in the kitchen it is vital that a good level of cleanliness is followed. Otherwise the finishing dessert could end up being contaminated. There are a few simple but important cleanliness rules that cake makers need to know. Being aware of them will help prevent poisoning.

The surfaces of the kitchen can become a place for unsafe bacteria to thrive. Therefore these areas need to be properly wiped clean before and after use. News sites such as the Guardian have several articles about the dangers of unclean surfaces.

The utensils will also have to be washed with hot soapy water or placed in a dishwasher. If a dishcloth or tea towel is used during the cake making process then it can be placed in the laundry afterwards.

One of the most important aspects of cake kitchen cleanliness is hand washing. The person making the cake will have to keep their hands clean regularly. It may be a good idea to use sanitizer as long as it does not get on the food.

Anti-bacterial cleaners and bleach based disinfectants are very useful for making the cooking environment as clean as possible. When doing so the person should follow the rules on the label.

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